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Evolving Paths is a place for therapy, yoga, and personal-growth. Start  your self-development journey.

I am David Duarte
. I am a therapist. I earned my certification in psychotherapy with a focus on transpersonal psychology at Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal, which is accredited by the Miguel de Cervantes European University in Madrid.

What can I do for you

I support my clients using inquiry methods that help them express what hasn’t been expressed. It unveils what is underneath the perception of the experience. I use experiential somatic and breathing techniques to access emotional blocks that cannot be accessed through traditional psychology and therapy alone.


This is a safe space for those seeking to better understand themselves, a place for inner personal exploration, expression, and integration. This means you have a safe person at your side to help you to level up in all areas of your life.

Meditation &

The practice of meditation is one the most important acts of self care we can do. It invigorates the mind as well as our physical and emotional well-being.


Yoga is a great tool for working with the body, through conscious movement and breathing it is possible to mobilize and access emotional content that would otherwise be frozen in the body.

Program: Evolving

In the 8 weeks of this program, we will take a deep look into what you want, and what is preventing you from thriving and uncover limiting beliefs and habits. We tap into healing emotional wounds and creating a more balanced and deeply compassionate relationship with yourself.

Success Stories: Therapy & Yoga.

When you let your unresolved issues take over your life, you risk becoming what you fear the most.
“My experience working with David has really helped me start to overcome a lot of my underlying issues. David’s compassion and empathy have encouraged me to explore my inner child, insecurities and anxieties. He is always respectful, insightful and patient with me, especially during my dark and chaotic moments. With every session, David creates a space of trust and kindness. It has truly been a rewarding journey of therapy and self-knowledge.”
Hong Kong.

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