Ending the Year on a High Note

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Ending the year on a high note requires taking a look back at the year without shame or judgment. Most of us get caught up in moving forward and forget about taking into account experiences you went through. 

I like doing a year review because I find it to be fruitful for my own self-reflection. It helps me  see where I have grown and where I am in my self-development.

It is a way to acknowledge  the meaningful moments, the growth, the wins, the losses, the people and ideas that influenced you in 2022. 

Why is reflecting on the past year important? 

In the same way self-reflection is an intrinsic part of any therapy or personal-growth journey. In the same way, recognising and reflecting on your past is a crucial opportunity, and a step in knowing where to put energy and attention in the new year. 

Ending the year on a high note also means reflecting taking time for self-care, and setting aside time for fun can help you end the year on a positive note.

A lot of the self-development journey is about honoring yourself and recognizing how much you have done to get where you are, how much you have overcome and accomplished.

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Finish the year strong

For many a  new year means excitement, hope, a fresh start, because It is an opportunity to do things differently. 

One of the best ways to finish the year strong is to focus on the things that you can control. This means setting specific, achievable goals and making a plan to achieve them. It also means staying positive and motivated, even when things don’t go as planned.

Another key to finishing the year strong is to stay organized. This means keeping track of your progress, setting reminders for important tasks, and staying on top of deadlines. It also means taking care of yourself and making sure you have the support you need to succeed.

Celebrate your successes

Finally, remember to celebrate your successes. Whether it’s a big accomplishment or a small win, it’s important to recognize and reward yourself for the progress you have made. This will not only help you stay motivated, but it will also give you a sense of satisfaction and pride in what you have achieved.

Quote  for new year: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Abert Einstein 

Here is how you review your year

Therapy and self-development involve getting a deeper understanding of the impact of your decisions and commitments,  give yourself a few minutes to do this exercise. 

Be intentional with this and allow the experiences of 2022 to sink in.

  • What contributed most to your growth? 
  • What made you happy?
  • Where did you spend time wisely? 
  • Where did you spend time unwisely?
  • What I learned from this was___________?
  • How I processed this was _____________?

Get a piece of paper and write down: growth, fulfilment, challenge, joy, connection, love, adversity, wins, and grief.     

Take out your calendar and look at each month of the past year. For each month write down the major things that went on in your life.  

Choose 3 of those things to put into one of the categories above. Write a small synopsis of the effect this had on your life

After you have something from each category answer:

Highlights and wins from 2022.

  • What did I leave on the table? 
  • Was it really important? 
  • What got in the way? 
  • When I break through my limitations and I act on my power I feel? 
  • If I’m not sugar-coating or downplaying anything, how am I truly feeling about my year is…
  • The most joyous, and fulfilling moments were… 
  • I was most moved by…
  • The most challenging moments were…
  • My biggest breakthrough this year was…
  • The new things I discovered about myself were… 
  • The person I went to when things were challenging was…
  • What personal quality are you most proud of utilizing/growing this year?
  • The new skills I learned this year are…
  • I am grateful for …
  • I am proud of myself for…
  • My greatest contribution this year was… 
  • This past year I grieved… 
  • An important conversation I had was ….
  • What old patterns persisted this year that I am ready to let die next year.
  • What would be required of me in order to let this pattern go?
  • If I don’t let go of this pattern I risk to ….
  • And the price I will pay is….

A question to ponder

What I am being called to in 2023 is?


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