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In therapy, there is nothing but compassion and presence, and compassion is the foundation of the work I do. It is my passion and ongoing desire to help people to live a deeper life, one with love, integrity, compassion, and self-discovery; a life of awareness, intimacy, and acceptance of all that we are.

I support my clients using inquiry methods that help them express what hasn’t been expressed. It unveils what is underneath the perception of the experience. I use experiential somatic and breathing techniques to access emotional blocks that cannot be accessed through traditional psychology and therapy alone. Many approaches to therapy stay on the level of the problem, on the cognitive and intellectual level where deep emotional change can be slow. 

Engaging the body and mind simultaneously seems to bring better results in therapy.  It creates awareness, healing, and transformation because it moves emotional blocks in ways that traditional approaches can’t. 

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Awareness is very important and crucial in therapy. It is the gateway to hidden memories and assumptions, unconscious dynamics and beliefs that shape the image, and dialogues we project into the world and run our lives. 

With compassion and awareness, we learn how to navigate our ocean of emotions. We make the unconscious conscious: we get in touch with our highs and lows, lightness and darkness, masculine and feminine.  We observe them, we get familiar with them, and we accept them.

All with the intention to be intimately comfortable with who and what we are. We are capable of owning our yeses and also our nos, and this provides a sense of freedom and liberation.   

This is the beauty and the simplicity that Transpersonal Psychology offers. It allows awareness and understanding through a person’s own inner experience, not merely through intellectual exercises and techniques. It integrates everything: mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Compassion and experiential approaches encourage breakthroughs, structural emotional change,  and profound transformation.

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