private yoga classes

How useful is yoga in therapy?

Yoga is a great tool for working with the body, through conscious movement and breathing it is possible to mobilize and access emotional content that would otherwise be frozen in the body.

To this day, yoga is one of my favourite tools to work the body. Our bodies possess enormous intelligence and provide valuable information about our psycho-emotional experiences. The body speaks beautifully the language of our subconscious minds.

Yoga encapsulates a system that helps create a certain level of control of your physical body. It regulates your physiological functions and helps the body work harmoniously. It calms the nervous system and trains the mind to be more present. It enhances your attention and sense of well-being.

Incorporating yoga into the treatment integrates both mind and body, creating a more holistic healing process through the teaching of mindfulness and improving your connectedness and awareness to their internal experience.

In my yoga classes you are constantly encouraged to focus your attention in the present moment. Movement and breathing trigger the relaxation response in the body — the antidote to your body’s stress response — and that’s where the real healing happens.

Yoga is a gift from India to the world that welcomes anyone regardless of their age or physical readiness.


A yoga class is more than just physical exercise. It offers a space for reconnection and restoration.


7 a.m. Morning Flow (60 min)

7:30 p.m. Dynamic Flow ( 60 min)


7 a.m. Morning Flow (60 min)


7 a.m. Morning Flow (60 min)

7:15 p.m. Dynamic Flow ( 60 min)


7:30 p.m. Meditation / Relaxation (30 min)


7 a.m Morning Flow (60 min)


10 a.m Dynamic Flow  (75)

Monthly membership

Program: Yoga for Self Growth.

This program aims to teach you yoga as I wish I had taught. I want people to experience how powerful and life-changing practicing yoga can be. Yoga is a great physical and spiritual tool that enhances the connection between body and mind.

Price: Membership.

You will get billed either monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annually, depending on the membership type you choose.