Success Stories: Therapy.


Amadou, Sydney.

“Therapy is an essential and invaluable privilege to have in one’s life, and have the opportunity made available by David is something I am extremely grateful for. As people, we all owe it to ourselves every few years in life to stop and reflect on the actions we’ve taken to reach our current life stages so that we can not only appreciate them, but properly map out a plan for the years ahead. With David’s assistance, I had an amazing opportunity to reflect on my own life experience and take greater pride in how I have become the man I am today.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a nurturing, uplifting and safe environment for therapy to consider working with David. One great thing I also would add, is that geography is no barrier to great therapy in today’s age. Thanks to Zoom, David and I were able to hold regular sessions flawlessly.”

Therapy in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Avalonne, Hong Kong.

“My experience working with David has really helped me start to overcome a lot of my underlying issues. David’s compassion and empathy have encouraged me to explore my inner child, insecurities and anxieties. He is always respectful, insightful and patient with me, especially during my dark and chaotic moments. With every session, David creates a space of trust and kindness. It has truly been a rewarding journey of therapy and self-knowledge.”

Group Therapy in Frankfurt
English Couples counseling

Noel, Barcelona.

” Accompanying without interceding is a quality that few therapists possess, David has it.

His therapy sessions are an invitation towards the search for one’s own light, the expansion from within and the discovery of all the potential inherent in our being.

An invitation to re-discovery, slow but continuous, with solid tools such as meditation and constant work in which David offers you his hand to accompany you in the process of observing your own shadows, their causes, their consequences to finally embrace them, forgive them and even thank them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you David, I am proud to be the way I am and it is in part thanks to you.”

Therapy in English in Germany

Joyce, Hong Kong.

“David is a precise, gentle and knowledgeable therapist. His guidance has led to breakthroughs and realizations. David made the process achievable and enjoyable. Many triggers have been addressed, and I feel more confident and less stressed when having to untangle emotions. Thank you David for sharing such useful tools that have since enriched my life!”

Therapy in Spanish in Frankfurt

Celia – Frankfurt

“David has shown me aspects of my past I would’ve never thought of, and without saying much, he has shown me a new way forward.

I am beyond grateful for the experience, and now I feel like a blank page has restarted. I feel like now I can start over and reprogram my system.”

María, Frankfurt.

“David is an excellent therapist. He cultivates a safe space where I can openly share my thoughts and feelings during sessions. David listens patiently, provides thoughtful guidance tailored to my goals, and regularly follows up to support my progress. Our sessions have been tremendously beneficial for both my mental well-being.  

David is an excellent therapist. He listens patiently, provides thoughtful guidance tailored to my goals, and regularly follows up to support my progress. Our sessions have been tremendously beneficial for my mental health.”

Success Stories: Yoga

Mindfulness and Meditation for beginners

Angela, UK.

“A warm, patient and responsive teacher, David starts by asking how I am, and adapts classes so that I get what I need, be it a more restorative or challenging  practice. Whether it’s yoga or meditation, I always feel refreshed and a thousand times better at the end of it. I strongly recommend it.”

Yoga for beginners in Frankfurt

Luiza, Frankfurt.

“Despite being online, David has created a wonderful yoga community that motivates you and excites you to come to the mat every day. He takes the time to listen to what your interests and goals are in yoga and guides you toward those goals. Even remote, his teaching style focuses on technique and alignment to ensure that you are building a strong and sustainable practice. Each week a new focus is introduced giving you opportunities to continuously challenge yourself. However, my favorite part is the guided meditation and Savasana at the beginning and end of class to fully align the body and mind.”

Online English Yoga
Online Yoga in Spanish

Marrie, Marseille.   

“Beginning my day with yoga is my favorite way to wake up and start my day. It gives me energy and the sense of conviction I need. David’s yoga classes are a seamless integration of classical yoga poses with modern movement. Each class has a different focus which I much appreciate.”

Having a stiff body, some poses are challenging for me, but David’s guidance helped me to get more confident and my practice has improved. Now I can get into a headstand which makes me think, nothing is impossible.”

Private yoga class in English

Nargiza, Hamburg.

“Before meeting David, yoga was more of a physical activity for me. Later I discovered that yoga is not only about asanas but a whole philosophy.

I have been doing yoga with David for about a year. His classes were the best I have ever tried. He is a brilliant and thoughtful teacher with great energy. David always makes sure that I do each pose correctly and without harming myself. I feel that practice has improved so much over time. 

Doing yoga with David brought meditation into my life. I learned breathing exercises from him that helped me with my stress, calm my mind, and listen to my body.”

Private yoga class in Spanish
Yoga and Self-development in Frankfurt

Karina,  Barcelona

“I’ve been practicing Yoga for a couple of years and I always thought that in-person classes are better for me, but I discovered the online classes with David, I love them! I really enjoy it on my own at home in the mornings. David takes us through asana and meditation to start the day in the best way! He is a great instructor.”

María, Frankfurt

“I started practicing yoga with David in 2022 during a difficult time when I felt anxious and needed peace. In the past year, I’ve achieved so much growth thanks to his teaching. David adapts each class to my energy level that day. He accommodates my needs, motivates me, and gently guides me to work on my weaknesses. The key element that makes him special is how he engages students, even remotely! At first, I didn’t want online lessons but I was drawn in by David’s energy. Now we practice yoga together three times a week. Thanks, David, for bringing so much light and peace into my life.”