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Yoga for beginners in Frankfurt

This program aims to teach you yoga as I wish I had taught. I want people to experience how powerful and life-changing practicing yoga can be. Yoga is a great physical and spiritual tool that enhances the connection between body and mind. This program blends movement, wisdom, mind, heart, and soul, and brings a level of integration into our lives.

I remember my first yoga classes. I remember that perhaps for the first time I was present for my physical resistance, being present for the mind that was telling me to get out of the pose. At the end of the class in savasana, the resting pose, I simply gave in to my resistance. I stayed quiet on my mat, and I surrendered to that experience, watching stress, self-demand, and fear dissolve.

Eventually, yoga would teach me about the connection between mind and body. It gave me the physical strength to dive into the depths of my resistance, while meditation taught me how to stay grounded and overcome my darkest emotions. Yoga taught me how to thrive.

We know how mental health can profoundly impact physical well-being. Because of the mind-body connection, our bodies physically respond to depression, stress, anxiety, and other life challenges differently. That same connection allows us to use our bodies to help ease the impact of mental and life challenges on our lives. It is where psychotherapy meets yoga to foster a body-centered approach to creating a more holistic and balanced relationship with yourself and others around you.


Mindfulness and Meditation for beginners

The purpose

The goal of this program is to incorporate self-awareness with self-care in your life’s tool repertoire. We aim for nothing but growth based on commitment and trust.

How do we do it?

I support your yoga journey. We offer 12 live online English yoga classes (in Spanish and Portuguese as well) per month packed with knowledge and wisdom. You receive support and feedback to help create sustainable growth. 

Sustainable Growth 

Life changes don’t happen overnight. One or two classes of yoga will do very little to your lifestyle. Growth comes with commitment and making a conscious decision to take care of yourself. Ultimately, well-being is a skill we all have to learn and practice.

Online English Yoga
Online Yoga in Spanish

Frequently asked questions

What is yoga?

More than a physical workout, yoga is a full mind and body exercise.

How long are the sessions?

Class duration is 60 minutes. Same for the online English yoga classes as well.

Can anyone do yoga?

Yes, yoga is for everybody. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

How helpful is yoga for anxiety?

Yoga also emphasizes grounding methods and allows practitioners to become more aware of how their bodies carry tension and stress. It trains the mind to be more present, easing the levels of anxiety.

Can I do yoga if I have an injury?

While yoga is recommended to treat specific injuries, it can’t be done in a general class setting. It is better to find specific help for your injury before attending a class.